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Windows XP: Themes that were added.

There are more themes turning up that are officially from microsoft that are fully signed, meaning you don’t need to modify you windows XP install to use them, but were made instantly available to everybody for various reasons.

So here they are!

XP Style

Download them here

1) Unstyled I’m sure you’ve seen this, if this is what you are going for, did you know you can disable the themes service and save a little memory? Not a huge amount, but it might help depending on the system…

2,3,4) Windows XP style Yup, they’re the default themes, included for completeness. Blue, Silver and Olive green… original names eh?

5) Embedded Style Provided as part of Windows XP Embedded.

6) Zune Style The official microsoft Zune Style, but has been made into a zip instead of the msi that is provided directly from MS. This is a free download available to all.

7,8) Royale Style (MCE Theme aka Energy Bliss) and Noir

This was provided with windows XP Media Centre Edition only, but has been extracted so it may be installed on any XP edition. This package also provides the Royale Noir style, thanks to

Note: The download from here has been updated by comparison to that from

I hope these are useful, to install any of these these and styles, unzip into ‘\Resources\Themes’, for example, on my system it is C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes.