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Akismat Anti-Spam statistics widget

All I wanted was a way to place the number of comments Akismet has saved me from placed in a sidebar is a form which blands with my blog. But none was available!

I was because of this I decided to write one, at this point ‘Akismet Spam Counter Widget’ was born. Yeah, original name I know, but it says what it does. Simple, to the point. Same as the widget 🙂

It has two options, the first is the title of the widget, the second being the text of the widget.

The way it behaves is identical to that of the text widget, except the it replaces any instance of a token with a statistic.

For example, lets say Akismet has blocked 123 spam comments and you put this into the Info box: Yahoo! !akismettotal! spam comments blocked! You widget will actually display: Yahoo! 123 spam comments blocked!

Tokens you can use are:

I would like to say thanks to How To Stuff for their post How to write a WordPress widget (how I created the tip of the week) which gave me most of the information needed to make my widget. Thanks guys!

UPDATE: That page has now gone unfortunately.

You can get the plugin from the Wordpres plugins directory here

Until we meet again, so long!