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GPS: God send or social disaster

Everyone in this world is significant, often more so than you would think. If you asked ten married people, for example, how they met their wife, how many of them would tell you an obscure story about how they bumped into them whilst shopping, she dropped the eggs and they started talking? Such a simple act introduced two people that otherwise would never had met.

Another example could be that you got lost in some obscure town when you went for a drive, but instead of asking for directions, you pulled the sat nav out of the glove box and hit the big “take me home” button. You never went to the little coffee shop that was the only one open that sunday and sat with the girl at the coffee bar and asked, “Where the hell am I?”.

Has technology made us less social? Is it removing those little meaningless interactions with other people? How many times has a GPS or some other piece of technology got in the way of meeting someone who you will now never meet but could have been the best mate you would ever find? Or did she sell you the GPS?