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Welcome to my scrapyard

Unfortunatly this site has been plagued with the problem that every time I have gone to create a page, it's got bogged down in design. Whilst it's all very well having a page with all the bells and whistles, it has always ended up with a half finished design and no content. I'm sure this isn't a new concept for you, as the number of sites we see that fall into this trap is rather high. So once again this site is reborn. This time not with all the fancy bits, but more focus on content and plenty of it. Well, that's assuming I won't get distracted with... you know what would be cool? A page thats got dynamically loading widgets and NO! You see? That's the trap! Text files in mark down that are rendered to HTML, much better!

The Name

Am I implying this is all junk? Hell no! Some of this stuff took quite some time to figure out and/or write. Its more of a location of pop items I no longer need that may be of use to someone else. See? The analogy really does work!

The Plan

So, fancy new site, whats the point? Well, I'm glad you asked. The main reason is the most important, and that's because I can. Most of my projects are oddly specific, fitting only very specific use cases. Take a rare or unusual item and decrypt its protocol, etc. But if it's up here, and someone else wants more info on it, then hopefully I can help them out. Here's hoping!

The Colour

If you would like me to change the colour of the site to better suit your viewing experience, then unforunatly you are out of luck. I like purple, get over it.

Date of completion

You really think I'm gonna stop writing crap like this? Think again, this is going to carry on until I am unable to crap any longer... WRITE crap any longer... Bah, same difference. I suspect they will cease to happen around the same time.

Now then, as much as I'd love to sit here and yammer on about how I'm gonna do all these lovely projects and tell you about them, I'd probably bet go and get on with them. Chao!

Oh yeah, copyright now till whenever...

73, Viper